5 things to take out of your bio right now

You wish you looked as good as Shostakovich while writing your bio.

Let’s continue the business theme started by last week’s post (“artist or entrepreneur? why not both?“). There are several things that are important for a musician to have whenever they apply for a school, competition, festival, or music-related job, and those are: the résumé, the repertoire list, the bio, and the headshot. Chances are, you’ve already written a bio (if not, look up some of your favorite musicians and see what their bios look like! They often list schools attended, primary teachers, any honors/awards accrued, distinctions in competitions and festivals, and ensembles played in). But many people (myself included) often neglect to update and streamline their bios–and there are always ways to do that! Check out Dale Trumbore’s very helpful guide 5 Things to Take Out of Your Bio Right Now.

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31 days to better practicing

Looking for a way to refresh your practice routine for the new year? A friend sent me a link to this free ebook ages ago, and I just realized recently how great a resource it would be to share on this blog. The author, pianist Chris Foley, takes you through 31 mini-chapters discussing various aspects of practice, such as working backwards, memorizing, and structuring practice time. He’s clear, concise, and practical, and a review of the basic and not-so-basic concepts he discusses is great inspiration for anyone looking to structure their practice time more efficiently!

Get the book here.