joachim and brahms

Brahms (seated) and Joachim.

Brahms (seated) and Joachim.

Joseph Joachim (1831-1907), one of the most prominent violinists of the Romantic era, was not only one of the Schumanns’ closest musical friends, but also became one of Brahms’s most important collaborators. Brahms dedicated his violin concerto to Joachim, and requested that Joachim write the first movement’s cadenza. In fact, when Brahms had first appeared at the Schumanns’ door in 1853, he had carried with him a letter of introduction and recommendation from Joachim himself.

Because they knew each other for most of their lives, Joachim’s letters prove a rich resource for descriptions of Brahms’s personality. In a letter to Gisela von Arnim (the woman Joachim wanted to marry but was never able to–but that’s another story), dated November 27, 1853, Joachim writes:

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happy new year!

Happy 2016, everyone! Hope you’re feeling energized by the fresh start. It’s always good to take some time at the beginning of a new chapter to evaluate your current life and set some goals to work toward! If you’re looking for some ideas for a musical new year’s resolution, here are some ideas:

I haven’t set a concrete new year’s resolution yet, so I’m looking to be inspired! If you’ve made any musical new year’s resolutions, please share! Hope 2016 brings many wonderful things for all of us!