notes from the past: the letters between robert and clara

robertclaraschumann“Listen–at Easter I’ll get a couple thousand talers from Eduard and Carl–and it’s then possible that I’ll build a small house–in consultation with experts, of course, with three rooms upstairs and just as many downstairs–the entire design and plan is already complete in my mind–Härtel’s house can’t compare with the cozy atmosphere in ours–the dreamy darkness in the one room with flowers in the window or the bright blue room with the grand piano and copper engravings–we will love each other very much and remain faithful–that will be an angelic life–you will gently guide me when I need direction–will tell me when I fall short, but also when I’ve done something nice–and I’ll do the same for you–you will love Bach for my sake and I Bellini for yours–we will often play duets–I’ll improvise for you at twilight, and sometimes you will sing along softly–and then you will fall quite blissfully into my arms and say, ‘I never imagined it would be so wonderful.’” – Robert Schumann, to Clara Wieck, January 1838

Source: The Complete Correspondence of Clara and Robert Schumann, edited by Eva Weissweiler (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 1994).

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